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Architects Planning


From the conception of the new building to its handover, the Voniatis Developers and Constructors Ltd company in Cyprus with its professional team of construction management consultants offers a wide range of building services, interior design solutions and architectural engineering consulting for the successful implementation of each project.


Voniatis Developers and Constructors Ltd is an 

integrated property services company specialising in identifying real estate opportunities in the Cyprus market and unlocking their potential.

We create value for the client by seeking undervalued properties and transforming them into profitable assets by offering a complete package of property acquisition and development.

We offer the full range of services starting from the initial consultation, through to selecting the ideal property, arranging the purchase, architecture & design, project management and property management. This way we ensure that our clients have a partner they can trust.

​We have now been trading for over 25 years of experience providing design and supervision on​Concrete, Steel, Wooden Structures and Precast.

Renovation of Traditional Buildings, Maintenance and Repair of Buildings, Retail Buildings, Hotels, Schools, Special Foundations and Hydro-logical Studies.


We provide comprehensive services such as defining the functions of the building, structuring the building program, preliminary architectural design and alternatives, detailed engineering drawings, tender documents, and construction supervision.


Each building is designed according to the principles of bio-climatic design, maximum energy efficiency, and respect to the environment, integration of modern technologies and maximum functionality and convenience for the end user.


Here at Voniatis Developers and Constructors Ltd we aim to help you to organise your building project in a smarter and more sustainable way.

We support clients with high-end residential property construction and home renovation projects, as well as small-scale commercial building schemes, such as, extending your property, carrying out a refurbishment, converting your loft or creating a new basement.

Our services include Contract Administration, Construction Management, site support, full project management and technical services.


Voniatis Developers and Constructors Ltd continues to offer to all its clients full after sales support, ensuring the qualitative efficiency and functionality throughout a building's lifespan. We are known for our comprehensive work of repairing and reinforcing traditional buildings.

Our qualified team can deliver remodelling and renovation works to your existing premise, office space, commercial property or any other building type or business space. Additionally our design team can assist with ideas generating and implementation.

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